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This Tumblr is dedicated to turning the Portal story Blue Sky into a full-cast audiofic. Don't know what Blue Sky is? See here.


Thank you to Waffles, the author, for letting us do this.

Contact the directors and co-producers here (never feel embarrassed if you want a question answered), or e-mail them at You can also note the director at her deviantART page.

Portal, Portal 2, and all characters in the series are property of Valve.

Blue Sky, original characters, and the Human!Wheatley design belong to Waffles.

Co-directed and co-produced by Artoveli and Ridel.

Click on the tabs at the tabs above to find out more.

Auditions are now open for the character of AARON HALIFAX (as of September 2014).

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Wait, so are they? Working on it? Or has stuff been released that I missed because I was just following the tumblr?

Why yes, we’re working on it and things are happening!  The blog was updated today with our actual working deadline thing for chapter one. :-)

7 01.30.14

stripescatsandcake submitted: I think instead of just generally wondering "wtf happened to the blue sky podfic thing" people should be phrasing it more like "MR. BLUE SKY PLEASE TELL US WHY YOU HAD TO HIDE AWAY FOR SO LONG"

Ha ha, nice! XD

And a quick note to all of you who’ve been sending in asks and not receiving replies (over the past two years!  Seriously, I’m impressed at your persistence as I read through this enormous pile of mail), please know that I (Artoveli) didn’t have the password for this account until fairly recently.  Still, I’ve had it for a few months now and never really thought of logging in until it was time to release the first chapter, so it’s still my bad.  The actual team is working through other channels, you see, so I didn’t really think about it.

Chapter One - Coming Soon!

Hi folks!

Ha ha ha!  Uhhh… oh my goodness.

It. has. been. TWO YEARS.  Two.  There have been TWO of them.  Two.  Two years.

As a brief explanation, I offer the following:

Our chief Producer, Mocha, has more-or-less disappeared so Ridel and myself (Artoveli) have taken full control of the project.  The cleaning of the audio took a very long time, which is understandable because this is all a big labor of love so nobody on our incredibly talented and dedicated team is getting paid anything and real life has a way of worming its way between us and the fan projects we’d prefer to wallow in, ya know?


Right now - even as we speak! - the lines and narration are being stitched together, sound effects are being gathered and tested, music is being added.  The self-imposed deadline for this stage in the work is THE END OF MARCH.  Sooooo…

~~~ Look for Chapter One shortly after March ~~~


imagesavagepiss replied to your post: Podsky: Still Alive.

This is so good to hear, I was afraid it wasn’t going to happen! So are you going to post it piece by piece then? Like chapter by chapter? Or all at once?

imagealexheberling replied to your postPodsky: Still Alive.

As in, the first chapter will be ready by the end of summer, or the ENTIRE podfic? Just asking for clarification, take your time! :D

Oh yes, sorry for the vagueness. Now you might think that because we’ve been gone so long it’ll be the whole thing, but unfortunately not! THE FIRST CHAPTER should be done by the end of this summer. And you will NOT have to wait another year and a half between 1 and 2, I promise. :) Things should pick up after we get past this milestone. 

14 06.03.13

Podsky: Still Alive.

That’s right, folks! We’re still in business. We received a hecka lot of asks about this, and a lot of them were pretty much the same, so let’s just go through them one by one before we give y’all your massive apology and explanation: 

YES, this is still a thing.
YES, this is still up and running. 
YES, this is still actually happening.
YES, we are still working on this.
NO, we have not scrapped the project!
NO, we are not dead. 
YES, we are still alive. (Though I’m assuming from the last point that this was a given.) 
YES, we can give you an update! 

Before that, though, apology time! WE ARE SUPER SORRY THAT WE LEFT YOU HANGING FOR… what is it now, ten months? YEAH WE’RE SORRY FOR THAT. But I know you guys are a forgiving bunch, so that’s okay. Right? Right? 

Explanation time! This is going to be really vague! But most of us have just either been up to our ears in work, or personal issues, and the ones who have had the time to work on this project can’t really do anything without the rest of the crew. We sort of died down for a little while, and we hope you guys can understand that. But thankfully now it’s summer, so we hope to get back on track. :) 

And the part you’ve all been waiting for, UPDATE TIME! First of all, our sound director has been SUPER BUSY this year, and she’s still pulling through with this, bless her heart, so I think anyone reading this should just thank her profusely for all that she’s doing for us. She still has files to clean up and stitch together and whatnot, and our special effects team needs to mess with that afterwards, but after that it should only take a little while before the first chapter is ready to be put up. Just so you all know, that will take a lot longer than it took to tell you about it, so we’re aiming to be done by the END OF SUMMER right now. 

All the fans who’ve been on your toes in anticipation for this, keep that position for just a little bit longer. You’re not going to have to wait another year. We love you, and thanks for sticking with us. <3 

roseeyedgirl submitted: Coul you pretty please give us an update on whats happening? Or on the twitter feed JUST GIVE US SOMETHINGF

Oh goodness, my apologies. I know it’s been a while!

A quick update: we had the readthrough for the second chapter a few weeks ago, and everyone’s been recording their lines for it while our editing team fixes up Chapter One. We currently have no announced date but by the time the first chapter does come out you can be assured that we’ll be producing them a lot more quickly. We are off to having a more efficient system for recording, which is great. 

Sorry for the long wait, all! Your patience will be well-rewarded, and that’s a promise. :) 

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25 09.10.12

raritarous submitted: Okay so I am a little behind the times here, but I was wondering if the podfic was finished? And if it is where I can find it?

Ah, I know there might be a bit of confusion here for some newer people considering this has been on since last year, but no, it is not finished yet! We’re nearly, nearly done with the first chapter. A lot of the problem is just all of us not having enough time. It’s a busy year for everyone! But we’re just onto editing now. We’ll be done. Soon. 

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11 08.10.12

aperturebagel submitted: I'm curious... is there an official release date on this project or is it like a, "It'll be out when it's out" kinda thing??? I'm so excited for it :)

Hi okay I realise I have quite a few messages like this in my inbox and I’m really sorry for not updating you all on this sooner, but things have really been speeding up and we’re just waiting for a few lines! My hope is that it’ll be out sometime next month, though I can’t say exactly when. Thank you guys so much for waiting so patiently. But yep, you’ll be glad to know we’re almost finished! <3 We’ve simply got lines, editing and music/sound effects. 

As for those of you who might have questions about how the podfic is going to be released, we’ve got someone working on it. It may be available only on iTunes for a bit if the host site we want to use is not up and running by the time we’re done, but it’ll be free and easy to get. Just know that it will at some point be available online, and it’ll be up on iTunes for sure. 

A huge thank you to all of you again. Where would we be without our Portal fandom? 

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24 07.15.12

Yeah, I did it again. T_T

This is&#8230; amazing. Wow.


Yeah, I did it again. T_T

This is… amazing. Wow.

fiona-so   128 04.17.12