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This Tumblr is dedicated to turning the Portal story Blue Sky into a full-cast audiofic. Don't know what Blue Sky is? See here.


Thank you to Waffles, the author, for letting us do this.

Contact the directors and co-producers here (never feel embarrassed if you want a question answered), or e-mail them at You can also note the director at her deviantART page.

Portal, Portal 2, and all characters in the series are property of Valve.

Blue Sky, original characters, and the Human!Wheatley design belong to Waffles.

Co-directed and co-produced by Artoveli and Ridel.

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Auditions are now open for the character of AARON HALIFAX (as of September 2014).



9 02.10.12


The little kids from next door really wanted to try out our new microphone. Being a co-producer on the Blue Sky podfic project, I could not pass up the chance to get them to read the audition lines for the children in the story.
Here is a six year old girl’s attempt to play a six year old girl. :I

Also, the cat certainly did NOT break the long plastic fishing rod that the boy was playing with at the time of this recording. Besides the fact that she couldn’t have broken it if she’d tried, I was busily employed with keeping her inside the apartment while speaking with the landlord who happened to stop by at that moment.
Nice try kid.

Also also, our couches are static electric generators of some considerable strength. :[

I can’t stop laughing. Poor Ridel. 

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Dawn Bennett



I know PodSky’s not taking Tumblr submissions anymore, so I e-mailed this to them.  Still, I’m really happy with the way this Chell audition turned out.  Even if I don’t get the part, it was good voice acting practice.  :3

your voice makes me cry happy tears

you are chell

it is you

Miyomo speaks it and it must be the truth
Thank you for this, though, seriously. :D

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Quick draft-reading of the opening scene of Blue Sky. ;)

Oh, God, Kevin  

Podsky Update


Hi everyone!  I realize it’s been pretty quiet from the Podsky quarter these past few days, so I thought I’d just give you an update as to what’s going on behind the scenes.

Basically two things:

Number 1 - Auditions are being gathered and organized into folders based on the roles they were for.  As Mocha was the one that received most of your auditions in her e-mail, she’s the one doing this - despite having both the flu AND strep throat at the moment! D:  Once they’ve all been gathered and pigeon-holed, we’ll go over each of them as a team and make our casting decisions.  Ooo, exciting exciting!

And number 1, also, tied - We’re also going over the script for the first chapter, making notes on overall soundscapes, individual sound effects, and music to be added behind the narration and the dialogue.  Whoosh, this is time-consuming.  I think it’s coming together rather nicely though.  Once that’s done we’ll send our notes to our crack team of sound designers and editors for their perusal.  We’ve got some serious talent in our corner, folks, it’s very exciting to work with these people.  At the same time, we don’t know how much we can ask of them or quite where each of their specialties lie, so that’s all got to be hammered out next.

Sooo, that’s pretty much it, you’re up to speed!

Yes, basically x’3 

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artoveli   16 02.04.12
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Here’s my last audition for the Blue Sky podfic. It’s Romy. =p So it’s basically just me talking this time! With no editing! WHOO

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Blue Sky Audition - Minor Characters
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Once more unto the breach! This time: Minor Characters!! Including (and limited to): Cave Johnson and the Cubicle Guy from Wheatley’s Bagel Dream Thing.

Can’t wait ‘til this gets going!

Exclamation marks!!! 

Oh my god I am reblogging this again because I didn’t listen to the whole thing last time and the Indian accent at the end someone help, dying 

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heresmyfiddlestick   6 02.02.12

Auditions Are Now Closed!

The staggering number of auditions we have received this month is simply astounding. We’ve also gotten some people who can do wonders with the audio, and I suppose the only word I can use right now is grateful. I still can hardly believe that this has happened; when I came up with this idea on the spur of the moment and decided to pitch it to Waffles, I never thought that it would turn into something this big. and I just want to give you all a very, very big thank you. And maybe a hug. 

I really did not expect that we’d get this much attention, and I’d like to shoot a bit of gratitude to Waffleguppies, again, for giving us permission to turn her fantasmical story into something more, and to my co-producer Artoveli for being such a very big help. We’ve still got a lot more work ahead of us, but I’m confident that it’ll be easier now, especially with a full team on our side by the mid-February. 

I apolgoise to anyone who didn’t have time to get their auditions in, however, if you really, really need to, shoot me an e-mail ( with the file within the next two days. Tumblr submissions will no longer be accepted, unless they were put up before the deadline. And if you already recorded your audition and didn’t send it in or think I didn’t see it, please contact us, especially if it’s the latter issue. Don’t think you’re being a bother; I overlook things often. If it’s the former that’s your problem, quick, get it in! :D 

You may still contact me for music, soundtrack, audio editing, post-production, etc., but anything to do with the voice acting itself is pretty much off-limits. 

Files will be sorted and roles will be cast accordingly in the following ten days. Parts will be announced on February 10th. Good luck to everyone who tried out, and try not to think about it because you’ll be hearing no news until then. 

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Okay, here’s my Foxglove audition.

Can’t help but feel that I was sort of talking too quickly for her, but… askdghlaskdfj this is probably the best it’s going to get for the audition *facedesk*

kldhgalskdahfioskjdj very very nervous now

I’ll record Chell’s next, but I won’t be able to upload it to tumblr until tomorrow because of limits… <_< So yeah. Just um… letting you guys know that.

Oh yeah, one other thing. If you guys still need extra voices, I’d be happy to help.

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And, as promised, my Chell audition for Podsky.

bwahhhh I sound like an idiot with the “apple” line but the rest of it is- well, wouldn’t say good, but okayish at least.


As before, even if I don’t make it for Foxglove or Chell (honestly I don’t expect to get either), I’m still willing to be an extra voice as needed.

Eep, sorry for not seeing this earlier ^^; Gosh, we have too many glitches.