me Blue Sky: The Podfic

This Tumblr is dedicated to turning the Portal story Blue Sky into a full-cast audiofic. Don't know what Blue Sky is? See here.


Thank you to Waffles, the author, for letting us do this.

Contact the directors and co-producers here (never feel embarrassed if you want a question answered), or e-mail them at You can also note the director at her deviantART page.

Portal, Portal 2, and all characters in the series are property of Valve.

Blue Sky, original characters, and the Human!Wheatley design belong to Waffles.

Co-directed and co-produced by Artoveli and Ridel.

Click on the tabs at the tabs above to find out more.

Auditions are now open for the character of AARON HALIFAX (as of September 2014).


Since my sister isn’t here to upload this, here’s our Dads audition for the role of narrator in the Blue Sky Podfic. :)

Eep <3 Your dad is awesome.

forlackofaname   5 02.01.12
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