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This Tumblr is dedicated to turning the Portal story Blue Sky into a full-cast audiofic. Don't know what Blue Sky is? See here.


Thank you to Waffles, the author, for letting us do this.

Contact the directors and co-producers here (never feel embarrassed if you want a question answered), or e-mail them at You can also note the director at her deviantART page.

Portal, Portal 2, and all characters in the series are property of Valve.

Blue Sky, original characters, and the Human!Wheatley design belong to Waffles.

Co-directed and co-produced by Artoveli and Ridel.

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Auditions are now open for the character of AARON HALIFAX (as of September 2014).

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Blue Sky: The Podfic Cast

And finally, that moment you’ve all been waiting for… there would be an amazing speech here, but you want to know who gets the part and I am rather sleepy, so let us cut straight to the chase! How exciting :’)

The parts we now have for sure are as follows.

Narrator - peeperoonie

Wheatley - harry101uk

Chell - mutableman

GLaDOS - singularnarrative

Space Core - Matt

Oracle - dropofdawn

Aaron Halifax - activeobserver

Romy Hatfield - emilyshka

Garret Rickey - obviousoctopus

Foxglove - sometimeisbetterthannotime

Announcer - overinterested

Ellie Otten - askcrazycaroline

Congratulations! I will make sure to talk to all of you very, very soon to work out the details of timezones, recording, means of contact, etc. If your name is not above, don’t worry! Here is our lovely and rather extensive list of extras that we will definitely need. 

Brandon Wilkinson
Brandon Marshall

Note that those of you who are not listed here still have a chance of getting an extra. It’s highly likely that we may need you for a few crowd scenes! 

I absolutely cannot forget to mention the names of fantastic audio team. CKC, Devin, Matt, Harry, Yuki, Ghostling - thank you for offering to assist us with this, and indeed, a huge thanks to everyone who auditioned. I know that some of you may have not gotten the parts you wanted, but we still appreciate every single one of you. We hope that we’ll still have your support even if you did not get cast. :) Also, I say this often, but this really could not have happened without Artoveli and Ridel - and Waffles as well. Thank you, girls. <3 

I believe that this just about covers it. If you have any questions, any at all, do drop something in the ask box or shoot us an e-mail. 

One month of this and auditions are finally and (somewhat) completely over! But we’ve still got so much left to go. To our brand new cast, I hope you’re all aware of what you’re heading into… :D And I hope that you’ll enjoy it immensely.